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History & Mission of The Bell Oaks Foundation

The Bell Oaks Foundation

Bell Oaks has a long history of philanthropic involvement in Atlanta and its surrounding communities. Since its founding, firm leadership has envisioned our promise of excellent service as the cornerstone for building a business of substance … a business of compassion.

Today, our commitment is as steadfast as ever. Through Bell Oaks Lends a Hand and other avenues, the firm and its employees strive to make our neighborhoods better and healthier places to live, work and do business.

Our strength comes from within. Mirroring Bell Oaks' core values, our charitable endeavors are centered on the passions and interests of our team members. They drive our giving—whether through time or money—based on the pursuits that motivate them.

Philanthropic involvement of our employees is purely voluntary; nevertheless 100 percent of our staff participates. They typically seek out their own causes in addition to the firm's collective activities. For this reason, each employee receives an extra paid day a year to spend serving their community in any way they choose.

Whether through our business or civic and charitable organizations, we consider it our privilege and responsibility to pursue a better life for the people we encounter each and every day.