Cox Automotive: Identifying a Global Leader in Their Own Backyard

Objective: Succeed Where Other Search Firms Failed
Cox Automotive, Inc., a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, is a global company that provides automotive products and services through such well-respected names as Kelley Blue Book,, Manheim and Dealertrack. With approximately 31,000 employees around the world, it takes a special set of skills to help develop and manage Cox Automotive’s pay and rewards programs as the company’s VP of Global Total Rewards. Rock Anderson, SVP and Chief Human Resource Officer of Cox Automotive, struggled to find the right fit. “We used two other firms prior and they didn’t work out, with their searches taking over eight months. I heard about Bell Oaks and decided to partner with them.”

Process: Analyze Specialized Needs and Provide Strong Communication
Bell Oaks conducted an in-depth interview with Rock and his colleagues. “They determined our needs, learned about the critical points of this job and who would be a good cultural fit. Once the search began, Rock received detailed weekly updates: “The candidate slates would weigh the pros and cons of each individual, which let me know that Bell Oaks really got what we were going for in this role.” Expectations were clear for both Rock and the candidates. He says, “I knew it wouldn’t be an overnight search and they were good about being realistic with me in terms of what it would take to locate the necessary combination of skills.” The candidates let Rock know that they were equally impressed with Bell Oaks. “Throughout our meetings, the candidates were kept up to date on where they were in the process and what to expect,” recounts Rock. “That made things much easier for me.”

Results: Deliver World-Class Performer for Demanding VP Role
While Cox Automotive would have gladly relocated the right candidate for the position, Bell Oaks found the perfect fit locally. “Because of their network, they were able to find and connect with our new VP of Total Global Rewards, even though she was not looking for a change at the time,” says Rock. “The Bell Oaks team was able to show her the advantages and benefits of working with Cox Automotive and facilitated a very smooth transition for her.” Because of the global aspect of the role, finding their new VP was a complex project, but Bell Oaks handled it easily. “This role needed candidates with the analytical and compensation experience as well as the ability to lead their team and be a leader in the company. Thanks to Bell Oaks, we found someone who fits all the criteria and will be a tremendous asset to Cox Automotive.”

“Bell Oaks is a client-focused and phenomenal search partner. Their team is informative, engaging, responsive and are true partners in the executive search process.”

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