International Entertainment Company Seeks Minority Candidates in Non-Minority Field

CLIENT: A Multi-Billion Dollar Family Entertainment Destination


Our client engaged the firm to find potential candidates for the park’s top communications job—Vice President of Public Relations. Filling the position was critical for the company as this person was central to its upcoming major product launches and international branding efforts. The client made a specific request that we find a diverse slate of candidates as they wanted their leadership team to be more representative of their workforce. Additionally, the company wanted to be better prepared to penetrate diverse markets.

The challenge with this request was that the field of communications is made up of 90 percent non-minority professionals (according to the U.S. Labor Bureau). The client had worked with other firms but was unable to find the quality of candidates suitable for this executive-level role.


We expanded our typical search pool by developing a network within minority-based social groups and associations across the country. This effort gave our team exposure to top executive talent that might not be easily accessed through traditional channels. We contacted and interviewed more than 100 candidates for this search to thoroughly screen the candidates for skill, culture and leadership fit.


The search resulted in our team finding highly-qualified, diversity candidates through non-traditional sources that we were able to present to the client. Feedback from the both the candidate hired and the client demonstrated that they both considered the placement highly successful.