James Gates Elevated to Bell Oaks Partner

Bell Oaks Executive Search is proud to announce that James Gates is now a Partner at the firm. After serving clients and demonstrating exceptional commitment to meeting their needs as an Associate Partner, James is being promoted to full partner status, effective immediately.

Price Harding, chairman of the Atlanta-based executive search firm, recognizes the depth of service that led to the move. He says, “James is already a partner to his clients – he has solid business acumen, a deep care for their business success and the intuition regarding executive selection that is critical for success in the executive search business. From the beginning he has also demonstrated all of the character and commitment traits that make him an exceptional partner to his team at Bell Oaks. We are privileged to have James earn this much-deserved promotion to Partner.”

According to Matt Tovrog, a current Bell Oaks partner, James’ promotion is well earned and reflects a history of outstanding accomplishment. “For James, as a Partner, he’s a leader and shareholder of the business,” he reports. “His performance as a search professional has been exceptional. He has executed searches for our clients at an extremely high level and this promotion is acknowledgement that James is not only a vital team member to Bell Oaks, but also a top-notch executive search professional. We couldn’t be more excited to have James join the partner team of Bell Oaks!”

With a background as an entrepreneur that complements his experience in the healthcare and technology sectors, James has established a great deal of credibility as an effective executive search consultant with valuable insights to help growing companies navigate complex issues. He is enthusiastic about his newly expanded role at the firm, saying, “It is a privilege to join Bell Oaks as a Partner. I was first exposed to the search business shortly after graduate school and developed an insatiable curiosity and passion for the profession. I have tremendous respect for my colleagues and look forward to further advancing our mission of providing clients with the very best experience.”