Ultimate Software: Introducing a Company to the Top Talent in Atlanta


Ultimate Software is an HR software and payroll solutions company headquartered in Weston, Florida with offices across North America, including one in Atlanta, Georgia. As the company is less well known in Atlanta, finding and identifying top-quality candidates takes a bit more effort. Laura Lee Gentry, Vice President of Talent, decided to partner with local experts to help her source the top talent in Atlanta when Ultimate’s initial candidate search didn’t produce the caliber of candidates they needed. “We wanted a level of service and attention that just isn’t offered by contingency firms,” says Laura Lee. “I had worked with Bell Oaks Executive Search before when they recruited me for my role here at Ultimate. I knew them to be incredibly professional and that they could tell our story to get the best candidate. They are really able to articulate the growth and dynamism in our company so that candidates understand how we can assist in their growth and advancement. I was confident they would be worth the investment to retain for our search needs.”


Bell Oaks started the executive search process with Ultimate by first sitting down and thoroughly reviewing the role brief provided by Laura Lee. “They asked a lot of questions, not just about the type of candidate we were looking for, but what problems we were trying to solve through hiring and what we felt ‘good’ looked like.” Following this interview, Bell Oaks researched the marketplace, gathering intelligence on competition and the candidate landscape. They targeted only passive candidates who performed similar roles and were employed at specific entities in like industries. Additionally, this search required more than just finding candidates who possessed the necessary technical skills. These roles were unique and required certain attributes like being exceedingly detail oriented, organized, empathetic and possessing an active problem-solving approach to difficulty. Bell Oaks implemented multiple levels of screening to find just the right candidates before even presenting them to Ultimate.


Through the whole process, Bell Oaks remained in close contact with the candidates, answering any questions they had about Ultimate and helping facilitate the transition into their new roles. “From a process standpoint they were flawless,” says Laura Lee. “Because they took the time to truly understand our company’s culture, we were able to confidently hire candidates we knew would not just function well in their roles but excel. The candidates placed by Bell Oaks meshed perfectly with our company culture and have been amazing. We couldn’t be happier.” As the need arises to find additional talent, Laura Lee’s first call will be to Bell Oaks. “I would unquestionably use them again and recommend them to peers.”