ARCOP: Two High-Level Birds With One Stone

Objective: Identify a Standout Candidate for Strategic VP Position
In 2014, Arby’s Supply Chain Co-Op (ARCOP) was on the hunt for a Senior Manager of Indirect Sourcing. Les Karel, Senior Vice President of Indirect Sourcing and Distribution Management for ARCOP, had exhausted his internal resources trying to find the right fit for this role. “The problem wasn’t that we couldn’t find interested candidates, there were plenty of them,” says Les. “They just weren’t the caliber we needed for this very strategic position.” Les had worked with other executive search firms for management level roles, but previous results did not inspire him to return. “I wanted to find a new firm with a fresh perspective and was referred to Bell Oaks. From the start I could tell this would be a different level of search experience.”

Process: Research Top Performers with Niche Experience
After visiting Les and thoroughly discussing ARCOP’s needs and company culture, Bell Oaks began identifying candidates who understood the complexities of restaurant industry supply chain procurement, a very precise niche. The team reached out to 100 candidates, identifying one in particular who really stood out. Though he was not actively seeking new employment, Bell Oaks was able to convince him to learn more. Impressed by the presentation of the company and intrigued by the role, he came in for an interview with Bell Oaks to learn more about the opportunity. After confirming the right fit, Bell Oaks introduced the candidate to ARCOP and assisted in extending the offer, helping the candidate resign from his former employer and facilitating a seamless transition to new hire status.

Results: Deep Company Understanding Enables Two Ideal Hires
When Les launched his original search, ARCOP was also looking to fill another, less urgent role: Senior Buyer of Indirect Sourcing. However, during the process, Bell Oaks identified a different candidate who fit the bill for this position perfectly, resulting in an additional hire with little extra effort. “Bell Oaks was focused on taking the time to really learn about ARCOP, our culture and our needs,” says Les. “By putting forth that extra effort up front, they made the entire process better for us, not just with finding the initial candidate we sought, but by helping us find the second candidate within the same process.” Les appreciates that Bell Oaks was selective, not simply presenting a handful of good candidates but being detailed and diligent to select the right candidates. “We were focused on quality versus quantity as we wanted this to be a long-term strategic hire. The candidates have worked out incredibly and it’s thanks to Bell Oaks that we were able to find them.

“The Bell Oaks team is extremely professional, friendly and genuinely takes the time to understand a business’ exact needs. They exceeded my expectations and I would absolutely recommend them to another business without hesitation.”

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