Kim Andrade

“I have nothing but good things to say about Bell Oaks. We work with them because they truly operate as a business partner. They make the effort to thoroughly understand our company, culture and specific needs, including the personality types that fit us and what it takes to be successful in our context. They advocate for Imerys and can ‘sell’ us to candidates effectively because they know us so well. In addition, they can be honest with us. For example, if we’re being unrealistic or our search is becoming too much of a wild goose chase, I know they will be direct and help us to not waste our time and resources. It’s important to have a search partner who can push back and tell you, “If that’s what you want, then this is what it’s going to take,” or tell you the salary range isn’t high enough for the talent you are after, etc. Once we have identified the perfect candidate, they are very good at reeling in the high potential individual who has to be wooed away from another company, all the while effectively managing communication with them – something the candidates we’ve hired always speak highly of. Bell Oaks is a fantastic team to work with: trustworthy, assertive, honest and ethical. Personally and professionally I really enjoy working with Bell Oaks.”

Kim Andrade Talent Development Director, Imerys